Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities

Check out some of these scholarship opportunities for Texas State University History Scholarships: Apply Here

Texas State Undergraduate and Graduate Level Scholarships

Alton G. Brieger Scholarship $950 Undergraduates History Majors  

3.3 GPA in History

Taylor-Murphy Scholarship $950 Undergraduates History Majors  

3.3 GPA in History

Dennis and Margaret Dunn Scholarship  


Entering Freshmen, Undergraduates,

Graduate students.

History or International Studies Majors 3.5 GPA
FitzPatrick-Clayton-Kissler Scholarship $1700  


Graduate Students


History Major 3.5 GPA

Texas State Departmental Nominations

Outstanding Undergraduate Student In Liberal Arts TBA 30 hrs Completed/

18 in Major

Department will nominate a junior or senior from our Majors for this Liberal Arts College Opportunity 3.75 GPA
Presidential Upper Division Schoalrhsip TBA 60 hrs Completed/

30hrs at TxState

Department will nominate a junior or senior from our Majors for the Univeristy Wide Opportunity

Graduate Level Only History Scholarships

Brunson Family Endowed Scholarship $1000 Graduate Students History Majors 3.5 GPA
Minnie Knispel Scholarship $660 Graduate Students History Majors/Social Studies Teachers

James W. Pohl Scholarship


$1800 Graduate students working on a Thesis in History. History Majors 3.5 GPA

Kenneth and Patricia Margerison Graduate Research Fellowship

The Fellowship is intended for use in recruiting master’s students of the highest quality to Texas State University. It provides support to full-time graduate students enrolled in the master’s degree program who demonstrate great promise as historians. All newly admitted students are automatically considered. Recipients will be awarded funds to fully cover graduate tuition and fees for the spring and fall semesters as well as limited research support. Fellows will also qualify for in-state tuition. In addition to the fellowship, students may also be offered a graduate Instructional Assistantship (IA) to create an attractive financial aid package for top applicants. Recipients who maintain a 3.7 cumulative GPA may have their fellowship renewed for up to three consecutive years.

Learn more about the 2019 inaugural fellows on our Texas State History blog.